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About us

Twenty seven years ago I first noticed a classmate in highschool wear a really special wintercoat.  I asked him where he bought it and went to the store.  When I saw the pricetag it was quite a shock.  The most expensive wintercoat I had ever seen and way above my budget. But also the coolest wintercoat I had ever seen.  Months of saving later (when the winter was almost over) I bought the coat with 40% discount. My first Stone Island coat was a fact.  Not many people then knew the brand. It was really an insiders thing.

Because the coat was a design classic I did wear it during my  time as a student which was 6 years.  Some b*stard then stole the coat otherwise I would probably still have it now.  Since that time I wear Stone Island wintercoats. I do not consider them expensive anymore because they last a very long time due to the quality and timeless design........

In recent years I buy more and more on the internet.  As an early fan of Stone Island I looked for information on the internet. But I missed a website about Stone Island with general information, information about recent and older coats and most important where I can buy it online and offline.

I decided to build that website myself.  I hope you like the result and find it usefull.  I am still in the process of adding information since I started adding information in november 2012.  If you have remarks or tips for new content please let me know.

Please note that I am in no way connected to the owner of the Stone Island brand, the Sportswear Company.  I am just a fan.